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Sailors and ship's crew (3)

Sanitary Commission, United States (2)

Savannah, military affairs (2)

Secession and disunion (28)

Sectional reconciliation (4)

Sectionalism, United States (1)

Senate and senators, United States (1)

Shipwrecks and ship accidents (1)

Shopping (1)

Slang (49)

Slaughterhouses, abattoirs, and stockyards (1)

Slave owners, United States (1)

Slave trade, foreign (1)

Slave trade, United States (2)

Slavery and slaves, United States (45)

Snow and snowstorms (1)

Society balls and parties (5)

Songs (16)

South Carolina, culture and society (1)

South Carolina, government and politics (3)

South Carolina, military affairs (2)

Stagecoach travel, United States (2)

State governors (2)

State political campaigns and elections (1)

States rights (4)

Statues, sculptures, and monuments (5)

Street sweepers (1)

Swimming and public bathing (1)

Swine, pigs, and hogs (1)


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