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Palaces and castles (1)

Parades and processions, United States (5)

Passenger steamships and steamboats (2)

Patronage, federal government (19)

Pawnbrokers and pawnbrokerage (1)

Peace negotiations, Civil War (14)

Pennsylvania, government and politics (5)

Pennsylvania, military affairs (1)

Philadelphia, culture and society (2)

Philadelphia, military affairs (2)

Philanthropy and charity (2)

Photographers and daguerreotypists (1)

Physicians and the medical profession (8)

Plays, musicals, and dramatic performances (4)

Police and law enforcement officers, United States (4)

Political corruption and scandals, federal government (4)

Portraits (7)

Potomac River, Civil War (2)

Prayer and praying (4)

Presidency, United States (4)

Presidential cabinets (5)

Presidential campaign and election, 1860 (96)

Presidential campaign and election, 1864 (33)

Presidential campaign and election, 1868 (1)

Presidential inaugurations (4)

Prisons and jails (1)

Privateering, Civil War (2)

Property destruction and desecration, Civil War (1)

Prose illustrated (10)

Public lands, United States (3)

Public schools, United States (2)


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