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Magic and sorcery (1)

Maine, government and politics (3)

Manners and etiquette, children (1)

Manners and etiquette, men (4)

Maps, United States (2)

Maryland, government and politics (4)

Massachusetts, government and politics (3)

Medical drugs and tonics (7)

Medical remedies, procedures, and cures (2)

Medical surgery (1)

Memory and remembrance, Civil War (7)

Men depicted or described as female (20)

Metropolitan Record (1)

Mexican-American War (3)

Mexican-French War (1)

Michigan, government and politics (1)

Minnesota, government and politics (1)

Mississippi River, Civil War (2)

Mississippi, business and economy (1)

Mississippi, government and politics (3)

Mississippi, military affairs (3)

Missouri, culture and society (1)

Missouri, government and politics (4)

Missouri, military affairs (2)

Morality and ethics (10)

Mothers and motherhood (4)

Mottoes, banners, slogans, and epigraphs (16)

Murder (1)

Musical instruments (12)


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