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Dance and dancing, recreational and cultural (2)

Death and dying (7)

Declaration of Independence (1)

Delaware, government and politics (2)

Delivery boys (1)

Democratic Party national conventions (8)

Democratic Party, national (10)

Democratic Party, state (1)

Democratic political clubs (1)

Devils and demons (11)

Dining, domestic (6)

Dining, public (2)

Diseases, illnesses, and medical conditions (5)

Dockworkers, longshoremen, and stevedores (1)

Dogs (3)

Domestic servants, female (3)

Domestic servants, male (14)

Donkeys, mules, and asses (2)

Dreams and day-dreams (6)

Dress reform (2)

Druggists and pharmacists (1)

Drugstores and pharmacies (1)

Dry goods business and stores (2)

du Pont de Nemours Chemical Company (1)


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