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Cabdrivers, coachmen, and cartmen (1)

Cabs and carriages, horse-drawn (2)

California, business and economy (1)

California, government and politics (1)

Cannons and artillery (4)

Capital punishment and executions, Civil War (5)

Capital-labor relations (1)

Capitol Building (2)

Cattle (3)

Charleston Mercury (1)

Charleston, government and politics (1)

Charleston, military affairs (9)

Chattanooga Rebel (1)

Chicago, government and politics (20)

Children (6)

Children, family relations (4)

Children, violence against (1)

Christmas (2)

Church-state relations, federal government (1)

Circuses (2)

City and rural culture and society, United States, comparison-contrast (1)

Civil War, Confederate Congress (1)

Civil War, Confederate sympathizers (Northern) (1)

Civil War, Confederate, army soldiers (10)

Civil War, Confederate, Black Americans, military service (2)

Civil War, Confederate, deserters and desertion (1)

Civil War, Confederate, disabled soldiers and veterans (2)

Civil War, Confederate, drafts and conscription (2)

Civil War, Confederate, food supply (1)

Civil War, Confederate, guerrilla warfare (1)

Civil War, Confederate, military policy and strategy (2)

Civil War, Confederate, military prisons and prison camps (1)

Civil War, Confederate, naval ships (2)

Civil War, Confederate, naval ships, ironclads (3)

Civil War, Confederate, naval ships, privateers (5)

Civil War, Confederate, prisoners of war (2)

Civil War, Confederate, public finances (7)

Civil War, Confederate-Union, comparison-contrast (11)

Civil War, results (1)

Civil War, Union, army soldiers (29)

Civil War, Union, army (10)

Civil War, Union, Black Americans, military service (12)

Civil War, Union, business and economy (2)

Civil War, Union, casualties (2)

Civil War, Union, civil rights and liberties (9)

Civil War, Union, disabled soldiers and veterans (2)

Civil War, Union, drafts and conscription (15)

Civil War, Union, homefront (1)

Civil War, Union, homefront, children (3)

Civil War, Union, land campaigns and expeditions (6)

Civil War, Union, military affairs, children (3)

Civil War, Union, military confiscations (1)

Civil War, Union, military hospitals (2)

Civil War, Union, military occupations (1)

Civil War, Union, military policy and strategy (3)

Civil War, Union, military prisons and prison camps (1)

Civil War, Union, naval campaigns and expeditions (11)

Civil War, Union, naval seamen and crews (10)

Civil War, Union, naval ships (1)

Civil War, Union, naval ships, ironclads (5)

Civil War, Union, navy (1)

Civil War, Union, political prisons (1)

Civil War, Union, prisoners of war (2)

Civil War, Union, public finances (16)

Civil War, Union, state militia (1)

Civil War, Union, veterans (2)

Civil War, Union, women (1)

Classical mythology and literature (1)

Clergy and religious leaders (2)

Cleveland Leader (1)

Cleveland, government and politics (4)

Clothing and fashion, men's (4)

Clothing and fashion, women's (2)

Clowns and jesters (3)

Colleges and universities (1)

Commercial ships (2)

Confederate States of America and Britain, foreign affairs (15)

Confederate States of America and Europe, foreign affairs (1)

Confederate States of America and France, foreign affairs (7)

Confederate States of America and Mexico, foreign affairs (1)

Confederate States of America and Spain, foreign affairs (1)

Congress and congressmen (12)

Congressional investigations and investigating committees (2)

Connecticut, government and politics (2)

Conspiracy (1)

Constitution and constitutional law (1)

Constitution and constitutional law, United States (25)

Contrabands (5)

Cooking and food preparation (2)

Cooper Union (Cooper Institute) (1)

Copperheads (Peace Democrats) (13)

Cotton (8)

Courtship and engagements (1)


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