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Abolitionists (3)

Accountants, bookkeepers, and business clerks (2)

Acrobatics and gymnastics (6)

Aged and elderly men (1)

Alabama claims case (3)

Alabama, government and politics (2)

Alabama, military affairs (2)

Albany Evening Journal (3)

Alcohol drinking and drunkenness (9)

Alcohol temperance and prohibition (2)

Alcoholic beverages (5)

American Civil War and European conflicts, comparison-contrast (1)

American Indians, culture and society (1)

American Indians-United States government, non-military affairs (1)

American Indians-United States government, wars and skirmishes (2)

American Revolution and Civil War, comparison-contrast (3)

American South, culture and society (1)

American South, government and politics (7)

Ancient Rome (7)

Angels (3)

Arkansas, government and politics (2)

Arkansas, military affairs (1)

Army of the Potomac (7)

Army soldiers, Europe (1)

Army soldiers, United States (4)

Assassinations and assassination attempts, foreign (3)

Assassinations and assassination attempts, United States (7)

Assault (1)

Atlanta, military affairs (1)

Atrocities and massacres, Civil War (1)

Auctions and auction houses (4)


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