Harper's Weekly
October 27, 1860
Peleg Puffer, Esq., in search of Material for New Life of Lincoln, encounters a Na- tyve.—“So, my dear Sir! you say you are well acquainted with the Illustrious Abram; Honest Old Abe—eh?”

Mr. Puffer at this moment is horrified to find that, while taking Notes, his friend and informant has assumed a very peculiar form and action—scratching gravel, and kicking up a dust generally. Looking like a small thunder-cloud, out of which issued, “For Mercy's s-a-ake, Stranger! w-wait t-t-ill I git th-through this Ager Shake, a-an I'll t-tell you all a-a-bout it!” Peleg sloped for higher ground, satisfied that Illinoy Earthquakes interfere fearfully with information on matters and things generally.

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