Campaign Plain Dealer
August 11, 1860
Here comes the Conglomerate Chicago Wigwam Party of Seward and Greeley, late the Senior and Junior members of the well-known political firm of “Seward, Weed & Co.” Although this firm has been dissolved by mutual disgust, the head and the tail falling out, they have agreed to serve as wheel horses for the present Presidential Campaign, trusting their chances for pap and promotion to “Honest Old Abe,” who, it will be seen, is their driver, and holds the reins taut upon them both. They do not work well together, and as in all cases of balky or freaky nags, they are put upon an evener. The Darky who presents so prominent a feature of this pie bald party, is in great glee at the prospects of the perfect equalization of his race. He embraces Mr. Lincoln, no longer acknowledging any man his master. His trunk, although labeled “Canada,” and himself, here- tofore a passenger on the Under Ground Rail Road, are now above board, and as safe in these border Black Republican States under “Old Abe” as they would be in the Queen's Dominions.


He up—Horace!

All aboard who are going our way!

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