Comic Monthly
April 01, 1861
On his way to Washington, his Illinois friends, fearing danger, surround him and conceal him from his enemies.

A New York detective in Baltimore, disguised, has found the infernal machine with which the President is to be blown up.

Sharper to young Man from a Rural Deestrict.
Central Park, yes sir; walk right in, one shilling each. Thank'e sir.

The devoted plug-ugly who endeavored to throw off the train by placing an ob- struction on the track.

Another enthusiastic policeman detects a villain endeavoring to take Lincoln off and suppresses him.

Jones rather thinks his new coat will create a sensation, and it does.

Rumors of plots abounding, his friends suggest a disguise.

Supposed amusement of Mr. Seward in the Cabinet.

Joncs thinks he'll send Robinson a splendid fooling letter, but owing to the boot- black's interruption, he makes a mistake and sends it to his best customer.

The disguise finally adopted

Real State of things in Washington at the present time of writing. Greeley and Seward contesting the possession of the President.

Not a Pleasant Joke.
Who the deuce put mucilage into this hair oil?


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