Comic Monthly
March 01, 1861
Mr. Epiphalet K. Speedunk, of Yaphank, intends to go and see the inauguration, and being a constant reader of the Tribune, and therefore apprehensive of trouble on the occasion, conceals a few weapons before starting.

The consequences of spending the night in this manner, and astonishment of mine host. Breakfast and a little walk bring him into shape again.

Gets a hearing before a magistrate, and is sent to a cell for the balance of the day and night.

Mr. Speedunk's appearance after being fully dressed.

On his way to the inauguration, he thinks he sees a pair of Bickley's Knights of the Golden Circle. Judges by the signs interchanged.

Where he spends an agreeable time with a gentleman who is suffering from, the man with the poker.

He arrives in Washington, and is received by a deputation of its citizens who form an arch under which he marched in a dignified mannes worthy of the Spec- dunk's and of Yaphank.

Owing to the pressure of the crowd one of his pistols goes off, blowing away a considerable portion of his coat and all his back hair.

Is discharged, and takes an affectionate farewell of the policeman and Washington.

The hotels being very full, Mr. S. is obliged to adopt the only feasible method of obtaining a night's rest.

Arrested as a conspirator against the government.

Home and its comforts.

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