Comic Monthly
January 01, 1861
Mr. Whippletrot explains to Mrs. W. sharer of his joys, and partner of his woes that in order to pave the way to that berth in the Custom House, it will be neces- sary to send something nice to long Abe at Christmas. Now, what shall it be?

And a donkey engine engaged to perform the severe labors.

Arrives at Springfield, is transferred to a wagon. The Lincoln mansion, from the graphic pencil of Mr. Lincoln, jr., can be seen in the left hand corner.

Can't think, and so resolves to sleep on it.

Mr. Hooray!—'tis done.

Mr. L., Mrs. L. and all the little L.'s look with amazement on the wonderful construction.

In the silent watches of the night, it comes upon him. It must, it shall be a pum pudding of most magnificent dimensions.

But what next? Mrs. W. in the most unfeeling manner derides him and his pudding, imagining that it will prove too large to move.

Mr. L. proceeds to carve it in a characteristic manner.

Cooks are engaged to superintend the construction thereof.

But genius conquers all things, and Whipplerot gets his pudding on a car at last

Takes a little of the pudding cold March 5th, 1861, just after being extremely sorry, that nothing could be done just now for Mr. Whippletrot.

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