Barnum, Phineas Taylor
entertainment entrepreneur

Bates, Edward
attorney general

Beecher, Henry Ward
Protestant evangelist

Bell, John
Constitutional Union presidential nominee (1860)

Belmont, August, Sr.
Democratic National Committee chairman

Bennett, James Gordon, Sr.
publisher of the New York Herald

Breckinridge, John Cabell
Southern Democratic presidential nominee (1860)

Brooks, James
publisher of the New York Express and Democratic congressman

Buchanan, James
U.S. president (1857-1861)

Chase, Salmon Portland
U.S. secretary of the Treasury (1861-1864)

Corwin, Thomas
Republican congressman from Ohio

Cox, Samuel Sullivan
Democratic congressman from Ohio

Dana, Charles Anderson
managing editor of the New York Tribune

Davis, Jefferson Finis
Confederate president (1861-1865)

Douglas, Stephen Arnold
Northern Democratic presidential nominee (1860)

Everett, Edward
Constitutional Union vice-presidential nominee (1860)

Fenton, Reuben Eaton
Republican congressman and governor of New York

Forney, John Wien
publisher of the Washington, D. C., Morning Chronicle

Greeley, Horace
editor of the New York Tribune

Hall, Abraham Oakey
New York City district attorney

Jackson, Andrew
U.S. president (1829-1837)

Johnson, Andrew
U.S. vice president (1865) and president (1865-1869)

Lane, Joseph
Southern Democratic vice-presidential nominee (1860)

Lincoln, Abraham
U.S. president (1861-1865)

Marble, Manton Malone
editor of the New York World

Morton, Oliver Hazard Perry Throck
governor of Indiana

Pendleton, George Hunt
Democratic congressman from Ohio and vice-presidential nominee (1864)

Raymond, Henry Jarvis
editor of The New York Times

Scott, Winfield
Union general

Seward, William Henry
U.S. secretary of state (1861-1869)

Seymour, Horatio
Democratic governor of New York (1863-1865)

Stanton, Edwin McMasters
U.S. secretary of war (1862-1868)

Stephens, Alexander Hamilton
Confederate vice-president (1861-1865)

Sumner, Charles
Republican senator from Massachusetts

Tod, David
Republican governor of Ohio

Toombs, Robert Augustus
Confederate general

Vallandigham, Clement Laird
Democratic congressman from Ohio

Weed, Thurlow
Republican political boss and owner of the Albany Evening Journal

Welles, Gideon
U.S. secretary of the Navy (1861-1869)

Wood, Benjamin
editor of the New York Daily News

Wood, Fernando
Democratic congressman


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